What is it like?
In these worship/creation times, participants create together where one person’s inspiration feeds another. Drama or poetry might begin, a musician would pick up the theme, a visual artist would give color, the dancer might flow into this... We create together and God speaks through the art. This creative flow may last a few hours interspersed with group debrief to check in with the sense of what everyone may think God is saying or doing. With this in mind, I encourage theologians and artists [some are both] to prepare for an event like this by bringing with them scraps of ideas and the tools needed to create art in their area of focus. Imagination is within the domain of both the intuitive and the analytical sides of our brain. The intuitive area is the part that gets in touch with mystery. It is where we first feel a nudging or a leaning towards a new thought. Ideas begin here in the intuitive side of the brain and, before we make sense out of them, we begin to explore them further in a spontaneous kind of way. We could say that this is where the Holy Spirit first plants a seed.