After the Fire
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After the Fire

Acrylic on canvas 32” x 48” -      [1 Corinthians 3:10-15] -

While Andy Park was singing, two of his songs held a cry for the fires of revival and purification. We long for a new passion in the vineyard. So why the burnt forest? I think this word has to do with the cost of fire, that something is spent. The image also projects hope in the ashes. People of the land know that forests fires, though extremely dangerous, are part of its life cycle in the ecology of the land. The old will make way for the new. The seeds of some trees will not even open until great heat releases them. The ground's fertility and the sky opening up with light for new life is a great sign of hope. If you stare at the grove of blackened spruce trees, with their stubby branches remaining and the fire in the distance, you can let your inner eye begin to see the light gray negative space between the trees as the postive space. They may start to look like birch or poplar trees and the black becomes the new background. The fire of God is costly, but makes a way for a new day.

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