In the River
In the River

Acrylic 48"x36"  -  Edmonton, 2019

[Ezekiel 47:5-12] 

While Jason and Yvonne were leading worship in a free flowing way, I was inspired by the imagery of the river. Earlier, Bob Carroll had taught on the prophetic vision of Ezekiel 47. A river grew to be impassable. The trees on its banks bore fruit for food and leaves for healing. The water was drinkable. Sweet water was teaming with life. Wherever the river flowed, it brought life and fruitfulness. The river is God’s presence and will grow among us. It will bring life in a dessert land. I portrayed the river as a Canadian landscape with the familiar pose of one preparing for a morning dip when the fish are jumping. Sunrise offers a new day. It’s an image of summer also. Purple and gold proliferate as a hint of the promise of God’s kingdom breaking in. This is an image of God’s favor.

Click HERE for time lapse video of this painting.

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