Acrylic 48"x36"  -  Edmonton, 2018

[Psalm 1]  - 

A number of the songs that Andy Park led had the imagery of drawing near to God. The face of the figure looks upward as though lost in the presence of God. Throughout the worship time I moved back and forth between the vertical dripping of paint and the vertical lines of the figures arms hanging done at rest. The figure seems to be almost swallowed up by the atmosphere of worship. The earth tones, the reds and oranges, rise upwards from the bottom surrounding the figure. They mingle with the figure’s form giving it rootedness in this world. The face is unaware of the earthly. At some point later in the worship time the music took on the rain imagery. I let the blue colors begin to run down from the top as though the heavenly is running into the earthly. 

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