Acrylic on Canvas 48"x36" - [Edmonton - 2018] - 

[Phillipians 2:7] - 

This image was painted on the first morning while Nathan Rossu led worship. The idea of a figure ablaze for God against the darkness was in my mind. The sense of the music and of Ruth Rossu’s introduction added the idea of sacrifice… that a person may serve the Lord for a lifetime, but there is no promise given that life will get easier, nor that there should be any personal glory. However, even as the serving task is never done, neither is the relentless work of God’s forming in us. That forming beckons us. The painting vibrates with the intensity of the call of God. The figure looks as though it has just landed upon this spot and has bowed down voluntarily. Like a dance, the person knows the movements and posture of submission intuitively and lands on this spot to be consumed by God… yet again.

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