Invitation to the Gate
Invitation to the Gate

Acrylic on Canvas 48"x36" - Edmonton - 2018] - 

[Matthew 7:7-14] - 

The predominant essence in this image is the figure bowed in a posture that takes on the shape of the arched gate behind. The invitation of Jesus to enter by way of the narrow or strait gate is wordlessly gestured in this angelic dance. The wood and stone of the gate can be seen through the figure. The angel is like an apparition indicating the posture required to enter. Jesus’ word choice for ‘strait’ in Aramaic probably was from the idea of ‘pressure’. The gate that was used when enemy pressure surrounded the city was a smaller, easily guarded gate. One had to search for it if arriving by night and remove all cargo from animals and carts to enter through it. The ‘strait’ gate or ‘enemy pressure’ gate, can be found when the enemy surrounds us. But like Jesus himself modelled [I am the door], it must be entered with humble motives.

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