Undone - all in!
Undone - all in!

Acrylic on canvas 36” x 48”   Luke 14:33

A few days before the Vineyard Prayer Summit I had an inspiring chat with someone about being ‘undone’ by God in such a way that a person would be over the top committed to God. We bantered back and forth describing the vision of this ‘all in’ kind of person who would live for Jesus from this event on. They are young, idealistic, fearless, and really the kind of spiritual hero who would raise the bar for every person in the kingdom across Canada. We called this person the “Undude”. This painting emerged from this idea and with the music Terry Harsh was singing… “all I have is yours”. The image focuses on the bowed head and hands, folded in desperate passion and ablaze with splashes of light. The eyes looking out from the darkness of the hood show that instant of realization of what God is asking, “ What’s it going to be? Do you know the cost?”

It's all or nothing now for him.

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