End All Entropy
End All Entropy

Acrylic on canvas 36” x 48”

I painted this at the Restore event at the Halifax Vineyard where Andy Park was leading worship. 'Entropy' is the idea of cooling down or going to room temperature. A cup of hot coffee will always move towards and remain at room temperature. People move towards room temperature. If we have had passion, and that passion is left attached and sourced in the last life giving thing that has happened in our life, it eventually cools down. Darkness and struggles of life close in on our once good intentions.

The sense that I had as I painted was that our worship was pushing back the darkness. The indescribable spiritual presence of God is represented by the moving lines of color vibrating all around and almost emanating from the figure. The white lines, rising up above the figure like steam, radiate from her wonder. Her face portrays in a physical way how she is receiving or welcoming the unseen presence of God. She ends all entropy as she lets go.

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