Unless a Seed Dies
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Unless a Seed Dies

Acrylic 24” x 32”   John 12:20-26

This image was inspired by reflection on the passage in John where Jesus addressed the Greek Jews who wanted to see him. His response was as though there was not yet enough of himself to go around, but that one day soon, something would be multiplied from the death of the singular seed.

Three prominent aspects of this image captured my thoughts. One was the overall meteoric sense of the seed being cast to the earth. Fire erupts from beneath, while cool colors above look for the growth that will come later. The second are the facets around the seed reflecting Jesus’ own sorrow in the faces of his soon to be disappointed followers. Their agony certainly portrays a fraction of that experience by Jesus. And the third area of interest to me was the top part of the seed shape, which reveals a glimpse of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and forecasts how similar glory will be his when he multiplies his life among his followers.

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