What is needed to setup for an event?

Projection Computer

A video projector will be needed and run from Rik’s MacBook Pro. Sound from it can be captured throudh HDML [preferable] or from Rik’s eighth inch jack out to RCA or 1/4 “ jack. Main computer will be used for projection and some sound that is built into show.

Video camera

During creative events, it would be good to have video feed running to the main screen projector. Someone will be moving that camera around to focus on particular things of interest to the group.

Sound system and mics

A sound system with mics around the room and jacks for muscians to plug in will be needed. A sound person may or may not be needed. You decide.

Itunes playlist

All meditation times we will be using a playlist from Rik’s iphone set on the ‘Meditation Music’ playlist. It can be paused and then started again on the next song where we leave off. It doesn’t matter the order here. Just needs to be nice quiet and unobtrusive music.

Lighting Lighting

We need to have adequate lighting around the periphery of the room for creative times, the ability to dim these when we move to the centre for debrief, and a follow spot or something to illuminate the centre and particular things we wish to highlight.